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Australia’s residential real estate industry incorporates approximately 10,000 of the most innovative and dynamic small businesses in the country.

And for good reason – it’s an industry that services a key driver of the Australian economy, with approximately 500,000 residential property sale transactions taking place each year in a property market that was worth an estimated $5.4 trillion dollars as at the end of 2014.

Driven by intense competition and a more demanding and informed consumer, a large number of sales agents and principals have been quick to evolve their offering to become some of the most sophisticated service providers in the country.

While much of their offering continues to rely on time-honoured techniques such as personal, face-to-face client and superior negotiation skills, the industry’s rapid uptake of technology has helped drive its growth even further.

New technological innovations have not only helped agents become more strategic with their presentation and marketing, it’s also allowed them to become highly efficient and productive businesses.

It’s this combination of innovation and well-honed customer service skills that positions the real estate industry for more growth in the years ahead.



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