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Introducing DISCOVER - Your Voice within the Industry

DISCOVER is the ultimate platform for commercial content, tailored specifically for Smart Property Investment’s audience. Our new platform provides a comprehensive and in-depth view of the latest insights, innovation and thought leadership from our esteemed partners. Whether it’s a thought-provoking article, a captivating podcast or an engaging video, DISCOVER is the go-to destination for industry-leading content that will capture the imagination of your audience.

With a well-crafted, content-based marketing strategy, DISCOVER ensures that your brand enjoys greater engagement and stays longer in the memory of your target market than standard display creatives. Our platform consolidates all channels to deliver outstanding results for your marketing campaign.

By partnering with DISCOVER, you gain a powerful voice in the industry, which is heard through multi-channel packages described in detail below. Get ready to showcase your brand’s thought leadership and engage with a wider audience, all under one roof.

Experience the power of DISCOVER and take your content marketing to the next level.

How do property investors organically DISCOVER this custom content?


With its own tab highlighted on the navigation bar, available on all pages, users can quickly and easily jump to the latest DISCOVER content, all housed in one dedicated area.

Discover Desktop Nav

On the page itself, content is housed in chronological order, showcasing the content partner and expected read time.

In addition, DISCOVER content will also be tagged to the most relevant section or category of the website. For example, if your content is relevant to ‘Finance’, your article will be tagged accordingly and can be found in both DISCOVER and the ‘Finance’ section of the site.

Discover Laptop


With all your content housed on a dedicated company profile page, users can easily access a rich bank of information related to your business. Over time this dedicated page will become highly populated and easily searchable, leveraging Smart Property Investment's reputation and SEO tactics to drive consistent traffic to your profile.

Discover Company Profile


Two content modules are used to ensure DISCOVER content is easily accessible at any time.

The first module sits in the highest position at the top right-hand side of every content page on the site. Clearly labelled DISCOVER, it houses 4 pieces of content with a clean and simple headline and the expected read time.

Discover Sidebar
Discover Module

The second module is strategically positioned on the homepage of Smart Property Investment, directly under the ‘Listen’ module. This module houses 3 content pieces also ordered in chronological order, but displaying the intro image of the articles.

Maximise Your Reach and Influence with DISCOVER’s Exclusive Marketing Packages!

Are you looking to take your DISCOVER content marketing to the next level and reach a wider audience of property investors? Look no further than our specially designed DISCOVER packages, carefully crafted to suit every budget and requirement.

Our comprehensive packages are built with multi-channel distribution in mind, ensuring that your content gets maximum exposure and reaches the right property investors through their preferred channel.

Our packages offer a variety of placements that are also available separately. Whether it’s social media posts, natives, or podcast placements, we’ve got you covered. We can even create a bespoke package tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Smart Property Investment's e-Bulletins provide increased reach and cut through, landing in the inboxes of over 29,000 property investors.

Daily bulletin natives

Smart Property Investment Bulletin native, twice weekly that features breaking news and market intelligence.

Discover Bulletin Native
DISCOVER bulletin placements

Smart Property Investment DISCOVER Bulletin, a dedicated weekly e-Bulletin showcasing only DISCOVER content.

Discover Bulletin Native
Social posts across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

With a combined reach of approximately 22,000 property investors, social media platforms offer a relaxed and social setting where your content can gain attention and generate engagement.

Discover Socials
Website native placement

Similar to the email native placement, the website version runs natively within the homepage module, and strategically positioned within all article pages.

Discover Website Native
Reporting display page access

The DISCOVER dashboard analytics tool lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track clicks and trends, exclusive to the DISCOVER packages.

Discover Reporting
Audience extension campaign (guaranteed 50 clicks)

Within the DISCOVER packages, we offer a unique opportunity to promote your content through our offsite campaigns, which target Smart Property Investment users on a range of relevant sites beyond our platform.

By advertising on a range of other relevant sites, we can further drive traffic back to your content and increase the overall reach of your message.

Discover Campaign

Smart Property Investment DISCOVER packages

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Advanced Multi-channel Package
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SPI Show podcast sponsorship + eDM
Creation of Company Profile
Article hosted on SPI
SPI Bulletin Natives
Social posts across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
DISCOVER bulletin placements
Website native placement
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