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Highly relevant and custom content helps build trust with your target market, showcase your unique capabilities, provide insight into your business and ultimately improve conversions and generate leads over a sustained period.

DISCOVER brings our users closer to custom content more so than ever before, closer to the insights, innovation and thought leadership of the leading businesses and product providers in the third-party distribution channel. Through targeted content and a multi-channel marketing program, DISCOVER content allows cyber security professionals to deep dive into the businesses and their products and services that are ultimately shaping the way cyber security professionals do business. We encourage our users to explore our unique DISCOVER platform through multiple content channels, keeping cyber security professionals up to date with the latest and most relevant information designed to help them make more informed decisions on how they can maintain and grow their own business.

DISCOVER gives our clients a voice and an incomparable chance to reach our audience, showcasing their products and services through custom content, supported by a multi-channel marketing approach.

How do cyber security professionals DISCOVER this custom content?

  • Discover Hub
  • Website Modules
  • E-Bulletin
  • Social Media
  • Our Partners


With its own tab highlighted on the navigation bar, available on all pages, users can quickly and easily jump to the latest DISCOVER content, all housed in one dedicated area.

On the page itself, content is housed in chronological order, showcasing the content partner and expected read time.

In addition, DISCOVER content will also be tagged to the most relevant section of the website. For example, if your content is relevant to ‘Sales & marketing’, your article will be tagged accordingly and can be found in both DISCOVER and the ‘Sales & marketing’ section of the site.


Two content modules are used to ensure DISCOVER content is easily accessible at any time.

The first module sits in the highest position at the top right-hand side of every content page on the site. Clearly labelled DISCOVER, it houses 4-6 pieces of content with a clean and simple headline and the expected read time. This module alone will generate thousands of impressions.

The second module is strategically positioned throughout every article on the site. As users navigate their way through an article, the Discover module appears. This module again will deliver huge exposure with thousands of impressions delivered.


A dedicated weekly e-Bulletin showcasing only DISCOVER content, provides increased reach and cut through, landing in the inboxes of 30000 cyber security professionals.


Using data driven insights, DISCOVER content will be sent at the most optimal time to our social media channels on a daily basis


With all your content housed on a dedicated partner page, users can easily access a rich bank of information related to your business. Over time this dedicated page will become highly populated and easily searchable, ranking high with Google SEO

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