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Scrolling Gutters

(300x600) x2

The scrolling gutters have been built as an alternative to the 'skin' ad unit, they offer clients a more standard creative size to work with. For obvious reasons they cannot run concurrently with the skin, so please reach out to your sales representative to find out which ad unit is in play each month.

Ad unit
Scrolling Gutters
(300x600) x2
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Technical Specifications

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Creative is required as two separate creatives, although you can run the same creative on both sides. Previous campaigns show that creative that compliments each other rather than being identical tends to perform better.

Results for the scrolling gutters are similar to the skin, however since these gutters scroll with the user they are in view for the entire user session. This factor can be great for brand awareness campaigns.

*impressions are an average and based on 100% SOV across ALL devices

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