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Bulletin Native

70 characters headline, 170 characters standfirst

The Native ad unit is a text and image based creative ad unit, typically linking to an article. When running in this ad unit, advertisers can either provide an article to run on our website, or link directly to their own.

Ad unit
Bulletin Native
70 characters headline, 170 characters standfirst
Max file size
File format
Text + Image (JPG, GIF, PNG)
Technical Specifications

Be better informed

As the Native makes use of a creative template, we have already pre-coded mobile responsive qualities into the template meaning it will display appropriately for users on any device.

The Native is booked in per single insertion, therefore the results here are based on a single native in our daily bulletin. The impressions here are recorded as 'Total Opens'.

*impressions are an average and based on 100% SOV across ALL devices

Impressions for the past month*
CTR for the past month*

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